Awaken your inner power

In the noise of modern day life, it’s so easy to lose touch with yourself. Your inward connection to the natural flow of life. Instead getting caught up in stress, rush, pressure and expectations.

I’m inviting your to remember your depths. The primal essence within you that is intuitive, pure, wild, and free. The pulse you were born with. I want you to re-connect with your inner source of power, the guidance of your intuition, the natural intelligence that lives in your body.

To remember you. To be you. Authentically.

Hi, I’m Juel McNeilly.

I help women re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. To embrace and start a deeply nourishing relationship with themselves.

Coaching and teaching for almost 10 years, and on my own conscious unfolding journey for almost 20 years, has given me insight into the inner workings of our body, mind, emotion, and spirit connection – along with a vast toolkit. With my eternal fascination about the mystery of life, constantly studying new modalities and integration, I have so much to share with you. 

I want to show you how you can reconnect, embody and love what has always been inside of you. Sharing conscious tools and practices to integrate and transform fear, judgement, disconnect, guilt, and overwhelm, into the blissful stillness, and peaceful inner power that comes when you feel able to acknowledge, feel, embrace, and embody life as it unfolds.

Do you ever feel stuck or like something is off, but you can’t quite figure it out?

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Workshops, Courses & Circles

Do you feel free to be you? Are you ready to shine?

We have a natural source of power within us that is truly a force of nature, yet we rarely recognize it. When we approach life grounded in the sensuous inner glow of our creative core, we learn to better understand the signals, and wisdom that exists inside of us. When we block it, with fear, guilt, negative self-judgement … it leaves us feeling exhausted, disconnected, small, stuck, and overwhelmed.

In these workshops and events, you will learn practices and explorations that you can integrate into your daily life. So you don’t have to cross the world in search of how to handle your life. Growing your toolkit to unlearn what holds you back, makes you feel smaller, or keeps you running. Tune into yourself, understand your needs, & ground into your body. So you can be yourself. Authentically.

1 – 1 Coaching

Are you ready to be yourself? To get unstuck?

You want to bring change into your life, feel more like yourself, you feel stuck, or life feels like it’s happening to you. Perhaps you don’t always prioritise yourself, made a big transition in your life, had a burn out, or shaken things up, and want extra support, and maintenance to help integrate it all into your daily life. Or maybe you just know that you want your life to be different, but aren’t sure how.

These sessions are designed for people who want support diving deeper into themselves. This may include topics around defining boundaries, stress management, finding direction, grounding, body & mind exploration, feeling alive, connecting to intuition, safety, uncover fears, exploring sensuality, surrendering and finding your rhythm, among the many challenges that life can throw at you.

Dance & Meditation Classes

Start feeling ALIVE – Get out of your head and into your body & soul!

We live in a ‘mental’ world, and it’s so easy to get stuck in your head. Dance & Meditation are fantastic ways to bring your focus inside and release stress. In my classes, you will align yourself with your intuitive core through moving meditations, and explore your being through luscious movement and stillness; deepening your connection to your inner feminine nature. Whether you’re looking to embrace feeling good in your body, rid yourself of overwhelm, strengthen your core, work up a sweat carnival style, connect with yourself, or explore what makes you feel alive. Allowing yourself to move freely in your body, is the easiest way to connect into you. It’s the best medicine there is.

It’s not about being a dancer; it’s about being YOU.

Juel McNeilly

Love yourself. Be yourself. Own it.

Juel McNeilly is an exuberant, open, mystical entrepreneur. With a passion for learning, healing arts, and self-realization. She creates an intuitive, authentic life journey for herself, and invites others to join her. Juel supports women to connect to their authentic selves.

“I am most inspired when witnessing the ‘switch’ someone goes through when they remember their own inner life force. And, I love it when it happens to me!”

She has a varied background as an artist, facilitator, healing arts, NLP instructor, consulting, and leadership development. People call her intuitive, grounded, radiant, peaceful, and safe.

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