Do you love yourself enough?

In my work as a life coach and trainer, I often get asked what the essential key is to happiness. The answer takes form in another simple question: how much do you love yourself? In searching for a life filled with purpose, passion and evolution, this question could be one of the most fundamental you ask yourself throughout your life.

We are all creatures of habit, and can easily fall into just going through the motions, allowing time to pass us by. Completely unaware of the significance each choice we make, or decision we act upon, has on us. We often feel stuck or perpetual longing, when we stop listening to ourselves and comply with external pressures. Not loving ourselves, or accepting ourselves, leaves us blind to the true power of choice that each individual holds, oblivious to what you are truly accepting and inviting into your life, and how you impact the world.

In order to answer whether or not you truly love yourself, you need to bring your complete attention to yourself. To really get in tune with your inner voice, so you can increase your self-awareness. The more aware you become, the more you will realise how completely and amazingly unique you are. How, in the entire history of mankind, no other human being has been or will ever be just like you. You are the sum of all of your personal experiences, mixed with the impact of culture, society, educators, media, religion, upbringing, language…etc. No one has lived life in your shoes, no one else knows ‘best’.

Self-acceptance of our inner uniqueness, gives insight that each of us is so completely individual and special in our own unique way, which shifts and broadens our perspective of how we see ourselves and our lives. Once you truly start to accept yourself, you know that you absolutely, without a doubt, cannot be anyone else but you. It creates clarity, and serves as the ultimate guide in navigating life. Once your amazing individuality is embraced, and celebrated in love, you will clearly see how it is the pillar of success, fulfillment, and ultimately our own happiness.

The more you learn to love and appreciate yourself, the more aware you become, the more you can start aligning your life with your true self – creating unimaginable possibilities, and the more you live true to it, the more you will thrive. You will feel an inner sense – intuition – grow, providing the feedback you need to guide you directly towards a life that is tailor fit to your precise specifications. Life is a journey which provides tools, and feedback, so you can learn, evolve, and create freedom. And all you have to do is take the time to love yourself! You take responsibility for educating yourself about yourself, so you can feed your very essence with what it needs to shine. This is your life. Your unique existence in the world. Your chance to create a universe according to you! – And your rules! A life where you can have complete control over what your dreams are, and how you decide to manifest them. You can live where you want, choose work that feels like play to you, choose who surrounds you, choose what fun is, the type of relationships you want, choose what early and late mean to you, the rhythm of your life, how to respond in difficult moments …. Choice exists in this life, once you truly accept yourself. You are the true creator of your life, this is where transformation lives.

Please enter your life tips in the comments below on how YOU listen to yourself, accept your inner uniqueness, where you feel you need the most support, or maybe just share what you see about this topic.

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