Elisa Paron

I really loved this workshop - It's a great idea and gives you a lot to think about. I really enjoyed taking care for myself and take some time for myself. I feel more powerful and confident that I can achieve what I want. Thanks!

Julie Delahaye

Great workshop! Good to start understanding yourself even better.

Marissa van de Velde

I absolutely liked the ladyliciousness workshop. It has sparked my joy and energy again. For me it was an affirmation I'm on the right track. It is a very welcoming, loving atmosphere that is fueled by Juel, a very inspiring and warm power…

Tess van der Putten

Beautiful work. Juel guides you in a safe, clear, and soft way into seeing, exploring and experiencing more of you and your femininity. Beautiful work, shared with love and passion. Go. :)

Jess Marques Ferreira

Thank you very much for a wonderful morning of exploration, trust and safety. I felt very in tune with myself as well as the other women in the group. In a short time you created a space for us to feel safe in, and explore and get aware of ourselves,…


It was a real relaxed morning and because it was 'just' the workshop I would expect the six weeks individually to be even more inspiring, for getting aware and creating change. I am amazed how soon I get to important part of my process.

Elena Krayushkina

Juel has a very sparkling personality and is  very inspiring lady and friend! I really admire her for all her work, courage and enthusiasm!  I really enjoyed our workshop. It was such a special moment to listen to the stories from other…


I came  with no expectations and was open to everything whatever would happen. The workshop gave me a deeper understanding of me [desiring] something and what exactly.  I realized that I spend more time on [the] outside world instead…


I didn't have any expectations beforehand, but it still managed to be what I was looking for. The environment is really positive + relaxed. Very clear + great information. Mediations were very good. You have a good way with people. Felt very…


The Ladyliciousness workshop was what the Dutch call a "warm bath" - different women from different backgrounds, with different expectations for the day, were all enthusiastically welcomed. All the exercises helped me reflect on (and rethink)…