Great place to kickstart, an open space for women to share without judgements or expectations!

Josanne Bouman

Loved doing the Ladyliciousness workshop! It made me more aware of my body, my inner-energy, strength, and vulnerability. Juel really made us feel comfortable and she had great powerful exercises with great variety which all come together in…

Stephanie Koning

Very pleasant to connect with sisters in the safe surrounding. Juel is a shining personality that brings lots of joy. Beautiful excercises that gave some interesting insights, to continue working with.


A wonderful safe place where you are allowed to expand yourself - visualize what you want to be and feel it.

Yanitsa Derneva

I had very wonderful and useful time. It's a part of the path I have wanted to start for a very long time.

Julia Dzigora

This workshop is a wonderful treat for any woman in any stage of her journey discovering herself, or connecting to herself - both in physical, emotional and energetic perspectives. Loved it!

Nienke v/d Ham

The end meditation with peeling off layers. GREAT!

Marena Piersma

A very open minded, free, liberal way of treating other women-beings. Everything is okay. It can be scary but not that scary, and that is awesome. Not many people can create that energy in and for a group.

Isolde Cael

Doing the Ladyliciousness workshop with Juel gave me a good insight in where and how I am in my life at this point. It helped me explore different parts of my being and focus on who I want to be. It will keep working for some time.

Sara Schouten

Nice to see and feel what's living inside of me. Feeling what my needs are. Good workshop, never experienced a workshop like this. Thank you.