Get it Out! Healing Anger aftercare - 10 practices to manage the flow of emotions at home

Undigested emotions, just like with anything we put into our bodies, accumulates and creates toxicity inside of us. This workshop and course provided you with tools to add to your regular emotional management and self-awareness. Here are 10 self-care steps you can add into your toolkit to deal with releasing this emotional energy build up within, and grounding into your inner wisdom.

Lady Flows: Integrating what you need

Use this a dancing visualization as a little dose of blissful self-care. Dance it out! If a woman exists from her center, then she is deeply connected with her inherent value and she brings this value to the world.
Own your Life workshop are monthly at rasalila in Amsterdam.

What happens in an Own Your Life workshop?

You're probably wondering about what will actually happen in a Ladyliciousness workshop, what you should wear and if there's anything you can do to prepare. Check out my vlog for all of the juicy details.