Are you as inclusive as you think you are?

If one side (or the other) didn't feel shut down by the other. If we acknowledged that there are two, or more sides to every story. If we want to make a positive change to get out of this self-created human mess. We cannot approach it with the same way of thinking as that which created it.

Vlog: Do you let yourself shine?

Are you holding yourself back?Unsure if you're "allowed" to take space and shine brightly?

Choose your tribe

Have you felt alone while in the midst of a big event or change in your life? Realising that the people you've surrounded yourself with may not be there for you when you need it most..

N O . T I M E . T O . T H I N K

You're busy running from one task to the next. No time to think about anything, let alone adding yourself into the mix. Responsibilities, expectations, roles, deadlines.... you NEED more time just to get it all done. Does this sound like you? Check my video - share if it resonates.

Be careful of Labels

Throughout my life, I've been able to call myself a lot of things. Some have stuck as part of my DNA coding, some I've passionately passed through in exploration, some have lived their moment and moved on. The piece below flowed out of me after…

Inspiring ladies: Madonna, Role Model of the Year.

That we have the power to define who we want to be, age how we want to age, remove the external boundaries of how things are supposed to be and allow ourselves to explore the fine lines between who we actually are, what inspires us, and the woman that wants to come out.

Be a best friend to yourself!

Be a best friend to yourself!! Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend - a simple way of looking at it. Start reassuring yourself with the same language, thoughts, and ideas that you would if your best friend was open about those thoughts with you.

Ladyvlog: Explore your world… through Senses!

Senses are how we absorb the world around us, they are what shape our experiences. Try this little exploration to open yourself up to the delightful world around you.