Vlog: Everything happens at the right moment

Everyone and everything happens at exactly the right moment, exactly the right pace. For that person, for that situation. Sometimes we need to go through certain challenges, and feel certain pain, for us to learn what we need to learn.

Are you letting yourself shine?

Do you find yourself keeping your head down? Trying not to stick out? Deliberately turning off your ability to shine? There are so many reasons women don't allow themselves to shine.

Have you ever touched a vulva?

Most women don't look at their own vulva. Some have never truly really looked at themselves. I wondered how this affected our view of our own bodies? Would it make a difference to how we would feel about them if we saw them more frequently?

Why I do what I do.

What triggers me and sparks my energy, passion, and curiosity to keep creating safe spaces for women to explore, and surrender into their authentic selves. Body and Mind.

LadyVlog: how I tap into my sensual feminine flow

I'm constantly getting asked what actually happens in a Dance it Out class. Today I decided to show you, so I filmed it.

LadyVlog: Dance kills Stress!

What is Oxytocin? often called the 'love' hormone - is a naturally occurring hormone in humans. It plays an important role in reducing stress in women. Through Dance it has the ability to reduce tension while you are having fun, building sisterhood and toning your body.

Lady Flows: Peeling off what you don't need

This visualisation helps you become aware of the layers and filters you've built up around you, and walks you through how to peel them off. Allowing space to reveal your inner, authentic self, and letting it shine through.

Be a best friend to yourself!

Be a best friend to yourself!! Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend - a simple way of looking at it. Start reassuring yourself with the same language, thoughts, and ideas that you would if your best friend was open about those thoughts with you.

Female comedians on why men are just not that funny

Women have to build ridiculous amounts of confidence to breakthrough layers of external perception on what it means to be a funny woman.

P E R I O D R E T R E A T: Make it happen

So there I was taking a break while in the midst of writing a blog about taking time out, nourishing myself, and most importantly taking a social media time out while on my period. And BOOM, saw the post below float by on my facebook feed,…