LadyVlog: if it costs you your peace...

If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive✨   Love & Light, © Juel McNeilly Get your groove on and sign up for the next Flow Your Life! Workshop or Master Class class  COME…

Why I do what I do.

What triggers me and sparks my energy, passion, and curiosity to keep creating safe spaces for women to explore, and surrender into their authentic selves. Body and Mind.

LadyVlog: how I tap into my sensual feminine flow

I'm constantly getting asked what actually happens in a Dance it Out class. Today I decided to show you, so I filmed it.

LadyVlog: Dance kills Stress!

What is Oxytocin? often called the 'love' hormone - is a naturally occurring hormone in humans. It plays an important role in reducing stress in women. Through Dance it has the ability to reduce tension while you are having fun, building sisterhood and toning your body.

Lady Flows: Integrating what you need

Use this a dancing visualization as a little dose of blissful self-care. Dance it out! If a woman exists from her center, then she is deeply connected with her inherent value and she brings this value to the world.

Be a best friend to yourself!

Be a best friend to yourself!! Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend - a simple way of looking at it. Start reassuring yourself with the same language, thoughts, and ideas that you would if your best friend was open about those thoughts with you.

What are your Yoni Rituals?

Deodorizing and douching can throw off your natural flora, and cause all kinds of complications. I know cause it's happened to me.

To squat or not to squat... there is no question!

That the parents who got me through potty training, the society who invented the toilet, had prepared me to face this inescapable, recurring phenomenon of life..... but NOPE, turns out we've all been duped.