Own your Life workshop are monthly at rasalila in Amsterdam.

What happens in an Own Your Life workshop?

You're probably wondering about what will actually happen in a Ladyliciousness workshop, what you should wear and if there's anything you can do to prepare. Check out my vlog for all of the juicy details.

Ladyvlog: My 3 ways of pampering myself

Any client who's worked with me, or joined any of my classes, will know that I talk a lot about taking time out of our lives to pamper ourselves. When I ask these women if they know the importance of taking care of themselves - there is no doubt.…

Ladyliciousness + Instagram = Yay!

It's up and active. I'm sharing inspirational quotes, thoughts, tips and perspective...especially for all of you dynamic women out there. Along with some awesome pictures I collect along the way. See you on Instagram!   © Juel McNeilly Sign…