Clitoris: the movie

Three minutes might be all you need to get yourself up to date with the clit. This week I came across this very short animated student film, directed by Lori Malepart-Traversy. Lori’s clear and playful film Le Clitoris tackles, or tickles,…

P E R I O D R E T R E A T: Make it happen

So there I was taking a break while in the midst of writing a blog about taking time out, nourishing myself, and most importantly taking a social media time out while on my period. And BOOM, saw the post below float by on my facebook feed,…
Check out her book launch!

Are you ready for a Menstrual Revolution?

After 1 month of taking a new pill, I almost fainted every time I rode my bike because I was SO tired. My OB/gyn told me this was a side effect of the pill I took. What?! That was it. I quit and swore to myself to NEVER take any form of hormonal birth control again. And started educating myself instead of fearing my own body's functions.
Own your Life workshop are monthly at rasalila in Amsterdam.

What happens in an Own Your Life workshop?

You're probably wondering about what will actually happen in a Ladyliciousness workshop, what you should wear and if there's anything you can do to prepare. Check out my vlog for all of the juicy details.

Zen and the Art of Menstruation Maintenance

Please take a moment to recognise what this means: You can only get pregnant for 1-2 days out of your full cycle. ONE to TWO DAYS!!!!! That’s it. It’s science girls.

Know your Flow

Understanding how your own body works help you create a harmonious rhythm around your needs.

What's going inside?

What's going on inside? Keeping and maintaining a healthy body requires a little understanding, awareness, and some tender loving care.

Hello, pussycat.

After western society managed to get through most of modern history treating vulvas like the awesome-sauce eternal life partners that they are, we start individually questioning whether our vulvas are too short, too long, too dark, too pink, not smooth enough… And to be honest, it's no mystery.

let's talk about vaginismus

"there are a lot of women who feel ashamed, who feel different, who feel alone, or who don’t dare talk about it with the people they love, and I believe that this platform can open up the conversation. This platform can show real, honest and impactful stories of beautiful women who are free of shame. They inspire me, they inspire others, they inspire men, and they will inspire a new generation."

Breasts, not just for breakfast anymore

What is going on ladies?? Too many of us are downright negative about our gorgeous boobs, breasts, pussies, vaginas, vulvae, yonis, whatever words you want to call 'em! And this is an unacceptably terrible reflection of a society that denies…