Vlog: Tapping into the feeling inside

This is me sharing the importance of learning to experience and interpret the signals we receive from our body. I spend time giving guided meditations at the start and end of my dance classes so that you can be still and notice what's going…

Women’s Power Source

Women have a power source of energy within us that is truly a force of nature, yet we usually don’t recognize it. We’ve been taught not to see it as anything other than a nuisance. One of our biggest blessings has been re-cast as a burden that we must carry!

Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will

It's kind of like switching directions on the more travelled road of psychosomatic research - instead of our moods and mental state having an impact on our physical health, that movement, dance, breathe and touch, can create the conditions to change the state of mind, and being in our body. Rippling over into our perception of time, and our story.

Ladyvlog: Explore your world… through Senses!

Senses are how we absorb the world around us, they are what shape our experiences. Try this little exploration to open yourself up to the delightful world around you.

What are your Yoni Rituals?

Deodorizing and douching can throw off your natural flora, and cause all kinds of complications. I know cause it's happened to me.

Zen and the Art of Menstruation Maintenance

Please take a moment to recognise what this means: You can only get pregnant for 1-2 days out of your full cycle. ONE to TWO DAYS!!!!! That’s it. It’s science girls.