let's talk about vaginismus

"there are a lot of women who feel ashamed, who feel different, who feel alone, or who don’t dare talk about it with the people they love, and I believe that this platform can open up the conversation. This platform can show real, honest and impactful stories of beautiful women who are free of shame. They inspire me, they inspire others, they inspire men, and they will inspire a new generation."

Breasts, not just for breakfast anymore

What is going on ladies?? Too many of us are downright negative about our gorgeous boobs, breasts, pussies, vaginas, vulvae, yonis, whatever words you want to call 'em! And this is an unacceptably terrible reflection of a society that denies…

I call it our Ladyliciousness.

Imagine a world where women truly acknowledged how completely and wonderfully unique we all are, where each and every one of us instinctively knew that we perceived life in our own distinctive way. That we understood that it was quite impossible…

Let's bring sisterhood back!

I believe this will provide us with possibilities, support, encouragement, and the fundamental awareness that each of us is so completely unique that we can allow ourselves, and each other to shine! Integrating ancient feminine wisdom into modern day lives, so that you can have it all.

What does being a woman mean to you?

What does being a woman mean to you? Ladyliciousness went out to interview women and men of all ages, backgrounds, races, to find out what you think!

To squat or not to squat... there is no question!

That the parents who got me through potty training, the society who invented the toilet, had prepared me to face this inescapable, recurring phenomenon of life..... but NOPE, turns out we've all been duped.

Finding harmony

In continuing the discussion of masculine and feminine energy, you might wonder how to find balance. Honestly I’m careful about how I use the word balance. I feel it’s misused in describing a measurement of happiness, or life. As life is…

Exploring femininity principles: feminine and masculine energy

As preparation for each Ladyliciousness workshop, I ask the participating ladies to think about the most feminine woman they can think of. The one who possibly defines femininity for them, or an aspect of it. While I'm explaining, you might…


Hi, my name is Juel McNeilly. I’m a life coach, storyteller, trainer, performing artist, poet, and photographer. As you might have guessed, I’m a curious lady, so I've designed my life to incorporate all of the things I love. I plan to…