LadyVlog: if it costs you your peace...

If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive✨   Love & Light, © Juel McNeilly Get your groove on and sign up for the next Flow Your Life! Workshop or Master Class class  COME…

Does meditation work for women?

I have a little theory: meditation works differently on men and women. We have different brains, hormonal balances, stress relief needs, and stress triggers. Yet we are told that the meditation experience should be the same.

Female comedians on why men are just not that funny

Women have to build ridiculous amounts of confidence to breakthrough layers of external perception on what it means to be a funny woman.

P E R I O D R E T R E A T: Make it happen

So there I was taking a break while in the midst of writing a blog about taking time out, nourishing myself, and most importantly taking a social media time out while on my period. And BOOM, saw the post below float by on my facebook feed,…
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Are you ready for a Menstrual Revolution?

After 1 month of taking a new pill, I almost fainted every time I rode my bike because I was SO tired. My OB/gyn told me this was a side effect of the pill I took. What?! That was it. I quit and swore to myself to NEVER take any form of hormonal birth control again. And started educating myself instead of fearing my own body's functions.

Ladyvlog: Explore your world… through Senses!

Senses are how we absorb the world around us, they are what shape our experiences. Try this little exploration to open yourself up to the delightful world around you.
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What happens in an Own Your Life workshop?

You're probably wondering about what will actually happen in a Ladyliciousness workshop, what you should wear and if there's anything you can do to prepare. Check out my vlog for all of the juicy details.

Ladyvlog: My 3 ways of pampering myself

Any client who's worked with me, or joined any of my classes, will know that I talk a lot about taking time out of our lives to pamper ourselves. When I ask these women if they know the importance of taking care of themselves - there is no doubt.…

Ladyliciousness + Instagram = Yay!

It's up and active. I'm sharing inspirational quotes, thoughts, tips and perspective...especially for all of you dynamic women out there. Along with some awesome pictures I collect along the way. See you on Instagram!   © Juel McNeilly Sign…

Feminine intuition: fierce or fickle?

Women have been made to feel as though female intuition is fickle. Made to believe that our own flow of life, our own incredible energy is unstable. Setting us up for a life of insecurity, trying to fix what's broken. We been bombarded with societal 'norms' that has us capping our naturally chaotic feminine presence, tying ourselves up in a metaphorical straightjackets. Affecting our health and wellbeing.