Hello lovely ladies,

It was so good journeying with you in this workshop. I wanted to share a few more explorations that you can do at home, helping you dive a little deeper:

Mirror Eye Gazing

Take the space that you need in a place of safety, where you won’t be disturbed. If it’s easier to do one of the steps at a time, start with that one and build it up.

Through the eyes of what you have discovered in the workshop about your creative core:
  1. Ground yourself.
  2. Stand /Sit in front of the mirror, truly look at yourself.
  3. Go through all of the aspects that you love or like about yourself, that which you are grateful for, not only physical aspects. If it’s easier to start with internal, please do that.
  4. Go through all the aspects of everything that you aspire to be. Everything that you are. If it’s easier to start with this one, please do that.
  5. Gaze straight into your eyes, until you feel connected to yourself. Until you’ve allowed vulnerability in. That you can see your vulnerable strength, and surrender. Until you SEE you, with everything that means.

We don’t do this enough. We don’t always take time to truly look at ourselves. It takes practice. Be kind to yourself if it’s your first time. Start with 5 mins and see if you can build it slowly to 10mins.

If you want to explore on a deeper level, take an hour or two to do this exercise. Until you feel yourself shift into seeing yourself with new eyes. You’ll know when it happens.

Receiving compliments

We often deprive the people in our lives, and ourselves, the opportunity to truly receive gratitude and compliments. Many women think that receiving even leans towards the selfish side. What if we opened ourselves up to the idea, throwing off limiting beliefs, what if we saw it as depriving others of the chance and opportunity to give to us. It takes awareness and practice to receive, and it acknowledges the importance of others in our lives. We can learn to nourish this part of ourselves by embracing expressions of gratitude!

Practice receiving.


“No problem”
“Don’t mention it”
”It was nothing”


“You’re very welcome”
“It’s a pleasure”
“Delighted to help”
“How lovely of you”
“How very kind”
“Thank you so much”
“I’m very pleased with it”
  1. Write down as many positive receiving responses to expressions of gratitude that come your way.
  2. Read them aloud while walking around!!! As you practice, allow the receiving words to really sink into your body. Notice where you feel them.
  3. Now ground yourself in your feminine creative core. Notice any changes in your experience.
  4. Allow yourself to smile. I’m not saying fake it, but if you feel like smiling…Smile! Let it out..there’s nothing more natural and appealing than a genuine smile.
  5. Make it real!! Receiving graciously and gracefully in real life. Become aware of the positive coming your way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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