Dance it Out!

Start feeling ALIVE – Get out of your head and into your body!

We live in a ‘mental’ world – where it’s easy to get stuck in your head.

Remember that scrumptious feeling of losing yourself in a song? To let go of thinking about the steps, and just Move?! Knowing that if it feels right, it’ll stick to your soul. Dance is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap your sensual juiciness, and set yourself free in effortless fluidity.

I invite you to awaken your sensuality, release the feminine energy inside of you, and experience your exuberance…

In this class, you will explore your entire being through luscious mindful movement and stillness – a dancing meditation. It’s not about being a dancer; it’s about being YOU. Stop thinking, and join for this free moving meditation that will deepen your connection to your true feminine nature & superpower!

Show up and get your dance on!

Women of all body shapes, sizes, cultural backgrounds and ages are welcome.

Conscious Sensuality

Women have a natural energy within us that is truly a force of nature, yet we usually don’t recognize it.

Freely moving in your body is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap into what makes you feel alive, and create space for stillness.”

I invite you to awaken your sensuality, ignite your feminine energy, and experience this embodied meditation. Open up to yourself!

In this class, Juel will guide you to build a connection with your pelvis, your creative core, and turn-on to life, through a gentle build-up of flowing body moves, visualisation, sensual movement, breathing, and stillness.

Allowing your energy to flow freely around your body, releasing your mind, taking space, while exploring your playfulness. You will explore your entire being through mindful movement and stillness – movement therapy.

Caribbean Dance: Wine your Waist

Learn to wine like a Trini girl

Have you wondered how what it would be like to dance like a real Caribbean “gyal”? To wine your waist, isolate your hips, and shake that booty?

Wining, a “Trini” and West Indian thing, is an intense, sensuous dance movement that involves rhythmically moving the waist and hips to (carnival Soca) music. It’s all about positive energy, bringing the awareness into your body, sisterhood and vibrant shaking fun. It involves wining your waist, learning to relax the tension in the lower half of your body, isolating the hips, being feminine and sexy while building flexibility and strength in this area – you will definitely experience new sensations in your body. Juel has studied the European body for the past few years in order to break down the steps needed to gain flexibility and strength in your hips, waist, and booty. And wants to share some of her culture, as all of these ancient dances helped women keep their body’s strong, flexible, pain free, connected and helps keep their energy in their bodies, instead of solely in their heads.

This workout is done barefoot, and if you want to ramp up your sexy… Heels!  Wear whatever you feel sexy in.

Yoni Meditation

Tune into yourself, and restore your inner harmony.

Come experience the nurturing effect of the guided meditation, and make contact with the natural rhythm of your body while you live peacefully in the air. Suspended in the cloth, surrounded by soothing music or the healing vibrations of singing bowls, you immerse yourself in your sensory perceptions and come to a deeper unity with your own being.

The cloth envelops you completely, so that you can experience the safe feeling of the womb again. You cocoon in a natural position of full support, making release easier and thus also whole surrender to the present: everything you need is already in you. When you connect with your own unique power, peace and harmony will flow through your whole being. Take a step back, step into the cloth and float to yourself.

This is a guided meditation of 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of savasana.

Clothing: Take a shirt with sleeves. This is more pleasant for your skin, but also for hygiene.

Class Schedule

Single class: €16.50

*if you are a new rasalila client, you can consider the Intro month deal for €47.50 all access for a month. In case you wanted to try more than 2x classes.

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