if it costs you your peace...

If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive✨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prBj9atn9dY   Love & Light, © Juel McNeilly Get your groove on and sign up for the next Flow Your Life! Workshop or Master Class class  COME…

it's live and kicking!

This month I launched my new website, I'm too excited since it went live last month including everything I do in one spot ✨✨✨ the blog/vlog, my coaching services, dancing , freebies, upcoming online services... wooohoooo 🎉 come…

You should’ve asked — Emma

This is the best and clearest illustrations (literally) of mental load. The extreme different approaches that arise because women have more diffuse awareness. I'm sure most women can relate, and men too - my boyfriend sent me this one. I can't…

Clitoris: the movie

Three minutes might be all you need to get yourself up to date with the clit. This week I came across this very short animated student film, directed by Lori Malepart-Traversy. Lori’s clear and playful film Le Clitoris tackles, or tickles,…

New site launch

Cause we all need a little something new sometimes.... Love & Light, © Juel McNeilly Get your groove on and sign up for the next Flow Your Life! Workshop or Dance it Out class  COME GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE OF OWN YOUR…

Are you as inclusive as you think you are?

If one side (or the other) didn't feel shut down by the other. If we acknowledged that there are two, or more sides to every story. If we want to make a positive change to get out of this self-created human mess. We cannot approach it with the same way of thinking as that which created it.

Vlog: Do you let yourself shine?

Are you holding yourself back?Unsure if you're "allowed" to take space and shine brightly?

Choose your tribe

Have you felt alone while in the midst of a big event or change in your life? Realising that the people you've surrounded yourself with may not be there for you when you need it most..

Are you letting yourself shine?

Do you find yourself keeping your head down? Trying not to stick out? Deliberately turning off your ability to shine? There are so many reasons women don't allow themselves to shine.

PUSSY: A Reclamation

This one is a must have for all women. Pussy: A Reclamation is the latest book by Regena Thomashauer. I am wolfing it down and loving every second of it. What awesome synchronicity! I found out about Regena last year in an interview on Emerging Women's podcast, and she became an instant role model.